The breeding station Pali Lookout was found in 1996 by Pavel Kukleta and Lud�k Kon�el�k. From 2000 the breedin station is specialized to breed the Rhodesian Ridgebacks and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.

We have breeded 3 pups of the Rhodesian Ridgebacks and 5 of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.

We look after our puppies and brood-dogs very well because we are owners of veterinary clinic. Our puppies enjoy living not only in Czech Republic but in Austria and Germany as well. We are glad that we are in touch with their owners and we have informations and photos of the doggies. Many of them are successful on the exhibitions and in the next breeds.


RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK - brood female dogs:

ANGELA PALI LOOKOUT born in 27th Feb. 2000 HD 0/0 duckbill
ANAH AFRICAN HUNTER born in 18th Dec. 2002 HD 0/0 duckbill
BESI PALI LOOKOUT born in 30th Apr. 2003 HD 0/0 duckbill
BESI PALI LOOKOUT born in 5th Aug. 2005 HD B/B ED 0/0


GREATER SWISS MOUNTAIN DOG - brood female dogs:

ANDY RODYRY born in 14th Sept. 1997 HD B/C - died in 15th Jan. 2009
AMANDA PALI LOOKOUT born in 19th Dec. 2000 HD 0/0 ED 0/0
BARBARA PALI LOOKOUT born in 2nd May 2002 HD B/B
DOROTHY PALI LOOKOUT born in 30th May 2004 HD 0/0 ED 0/0
HERMIONA PALI LOOKOUT born in 23rd Apr. 2007 HD 0/0 ED 0/0 OCD negative